Sunday, June 8, 2014

In the Details

A few days ago, Cam and I were in a bit of an argument. Of course about something silly that I already can't remember. I was being sensitive and lame, and he was being slightly stubborn. 

Why do we do that?

That morning we were talking it out in the car on the way to run an errand. I was drinking my smoothie while he was talking. Out of no where, he had to hit the brakes fast to avoid hitting the car in front of us. When he turned to make sure I was okay, below is the sight he found. Smoothie mustache perfectly on my face, that of which to find on Mario from Nintendo 64. 

We couldn’t stop laughing and instantly recognized it as a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father who was definitely aware of the situation and knew exactly what we needed to make light of the matter and remember how much we love each other and how dumb we were being. It worked of course.

This week my testimony of our Heavenly Father being involved in the details has really surfaced. I know that when we invite Him to be involved, He is all in. I know he loves us on a level we will never comprehend in this life. My faith in that simple principle helps me to rely on him and put more in my Savior's hands. I'm definitely not a pro at turning things over to Him as quickly as I should, but I'm learning it more and more. 

I'm also grateful for his sense of humor. 

-Not my most beautiful moment-

I found this great news article of an interview with President Thomas S. Monson that added to my testimony of God being in the details. Enjoy it HERE

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