Saturday, November 29, 2014

Real Talk, Fall Edition

The fact of the matter is, I wish Cam and I were totally adorable and took Pinterest worthy photos that everyone would "ooooo" and "auuuuh" over. That every photographer would wanna give us free pictures or follow us around on our daily errands because we are so photogenic together. Truth is, we aren't that comfortable in front of the camera. We tried to copy a few Pinterest poses and couldn't stop laughing at how horrible they were turning out. So we stick to our staple poses that are easy and work--and a little photoshop never hurt no body.

Am I the only girl that secretly (now openly) wishes every photo she and her man took were stellar?

It's not happening over here.

Nevertheless, it's a good reminder that my love for my marriage runs deeper than social media worthy photos. I can't help but laugh at myself that this reminder is even surfacing. My marriage is so much more than "meets the eye" online. I hope its clear to everyone that usually the fun and rare moments get photographed and posted; not the day to day chores and tasks, serious chats, reminders to pay attention to how much I spend at the grocery store, wanting to look a certain way and not, wanting to buy that decor but refraining because I'm not making millions and so I can't shop like I am, or saying something out of hunger that I regret.

Truth be told, life isn't perfect but it is so so good the way it is. I love our less than perfect selfies because of the memories behind them. I love figuring out life with my sweetheart. I'm okay when things don't work as planned (sometimes) because of the opportunities it gives us to grow together. Life is real nice but I'm still thankful for hired photographers who can work photoshop.

Thank you LC Photography for doing a great job on our pics. You really helped out our lack of modeling skills. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Fall"in' for this Styled Shoot

I had the opportunity to style a fall bridal shoot with some seriously talented people. It was such a good experience and so much fun! I can't put into words how grateful I am for the amount of support I have received from everyone with my new career path. I just keep falling more and more in love with everything party! I'm so excited for this journey. 

A few of my favorite pieces used to style this shoot:
Amazing Gold-Tipped Flatware from Anthropologie, find them HERE
Dinnerware plates from Crate and Barrel, find them HERE
L-O-V-E Monogrammed Mugs, find them HERE
(Anthropologie has some amazing limited edition gold monogrammed mugs, find those HERE)

Here is a write up all the vendors put together to better explain all the details and efforts that went into the beauty above. 

The Location:
The Barn and Linden Nursery, located in Lindon, Utah, was a perfect location for the “Come to the Harvest”/Thanksgiving” theme. Managers Carol Kingston of Creative Wedding Events and Adam Nelson of Rent Event Utah recently converted the gorgeous red barn into a reception center. Opening in April of 2014, The Barn at Linden Nursery boasts an indoor reception space that can hold up to 96 guests at 12 round tables, or a lovely outdoor area that can hold up to 400 people—complete with two swings hanging from a willow tree. Expansion plans for 2015 include a bridal-room enhancement and an addition of a kitchen.

The Details, D├ęcor, & Cake:
 Starting with a trendy, plum-colored tablecloth all the way through the beautiful gold flatware, Micah Ricks, of Micah Ricks Event Styling, went above-and-beyond for all of the darling Thanksgiving details. This fall, the plum color and golds are right on trend. The pinecones throughout the scene added to the harvest.
Two whisky barrels, topped with a vintage door, made an irresistible tabletop.
 Anthropology has a number of pieces that that were perfect for this shoot. Their gold flatware was a must, along with the L-O-V-E monogrammed mugs filled with beautiful florals. The cream plates from Crate and Barrel added a fresh look with the deep fall colors. The stump levels fall right into our Harvest Rustic theme and do so much for the look of the display. Apple crates were stacked to showcase accent decor and continue the Harvest theme. The invitation was a custom design by
 The “Naked” wedding cake was also right on-trend for 2014, complete with a spice-flavor base for the harvest look, topped with cream-cheese frosting and flowers that complement the bride’s hair and bouquet.

The Flowers:
Floral selections and arranging were completed by Carol Kingston, owner of Creative Wedding Events, and co-manager of The Barn at Linden Nursery. Flowers used include:
Garden roses
Football mums
Seeded eucalyptus

The Hair, Makeup, and attire:
Trying to decide a wedding-day hairstyle can be really hard, but here is how the stylized team did it for the Thanksgiving shoot. Hair artist Alyse Peterson says, “I actually prefer doing hair up for weddings and bridal portraits because it stays put EXACTLY how I last left it, therefore looking flawless for every picture.”  However, for this Thanksgiving shoot, Alyse felt the model’s longer, gorgeously colored ombre hair would be more fitting with a unique, wrap-around braid above the bride's forehead, accented by flowers from her bouquet. Aylse said this is a classic style would fit perfectly with the taupe-colored wedding gown from Bridal Expressions.
 Alyse said, “Having your hair down is classic and gives pictures more dimension (especially if the top of your dress is simple) so it can still be a beautiful look! “
 To help this style stay in place, products used were Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray while styling, and finished with two different hairsprays Herbal Essences Set Me Up Max Hold Hairspray and also Ice Hair Blast Spray Hairspray by Joico (a much stronger hold, used for the braid). This style isn't great for short hair, because the ends of your hair would fall out of the braid.
 Makeup Artist Jessica Craig made the makeup color selections. Jessica’s selections accentuated the bride’s eye color and complexion, while also offering a complementary look to the taupe-colored wedding gown.

The Photography:
Utah-based wedding and commercial photographer, Suzy Oliveira, directed the overall shoot. Starting in the upstairs “bridal room” of the Barn, a vintage couch, blonde wood paneling, and an antique mirror complemented the theme of the harvest shoot.

In the downstairs, reception area of the barn, an off-camera strobe was introduced for a dramatic, rustic approach, complete with large whiskey barrels and vintage doors in the background.

The exterior of the barn featured a gorgeous red paint that made the images pop. Two cute swings hang from a willow tree on the backside of the barn, making an irresistible prop and opportunity to tell the love story of a bride and groom. The shade produced by the willow tree provided very soft and dreamy light, giving the images a fairy-tale softness.

Contributing Vendors:
-Click on the Vendor for a link to their site or Instagram-

1) Photography - Suzy Oliveira,  See her on Instagram - @suzyophotography
2) Styling - Micah Ricks Event Styling, I'm on Instagram - @m_tricks
3) Location - The Barn at Linden Nursery, Managers: Adam Nelson - Rent Event Utah
4) Flowers - Carol Kingston, Creative Wedding Events
5) Invitation –
6) Dress – Bridal Expressions,
7) Cake - Ashley Stapleton, Timpanogos Cakes, See her on Instagram -@timpanogoscakes 
8) Hair - Alyse Peterson, Check her out on Insta - @hairbyalyse 

9) Makeup - Jessica Craig, She's on Instagram here - @jessicamariemakeup