Our Story

Cameron & I were married June 23, 2012. A documentary of our love below:

Micah & Cameron from Haugen Creative on Vimeo.

Cameron & I met October 2010! 3 months into our dating game, Cameron left for a 4 month adventure to Jerusalem on a study abroad with Brigham Young University. I dated while he was away and only became more sure of my main squeeze. He returned from his adventure, spent 7 days of bliss with me and left again for another 4 months to Washington, D.C. for a sales job. He flew me out once to visit (fell harder in love) and visited home for a weekend (and fell even harder). After those 8 grueling months were over, in the words of Peaches and Herb, we were reunited and it felt so good. We picked up our dating game running for the endzone and on December 17, 2012 we WERE ENGAGED! 6 months later we were sealed together for eternity on the perfect day in the perfect place.

M&C TEMPLE-Vimeo 720 Good from Micah Thayer on Vimeo.

To learn more about this gorgeous place we were married in, check out what We Believe.

Our Favorite Party 06-23-12 from Micah Thayer on Vimeo.

We spent a dreamy evening with the people that mean the most to us and wish all the time that we could relive this day. (Thank heaven for videos: Haugen Creative) We are currently living happily ever after. 

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  1. Micah, you are so so cute!! I'm sure you don't remember me. But I went to your high school ! I was a few years younger than you, I think. I graduated in 2010. ANYWAYS, you were always so super nice to me. And I will always remember that. Your wedding looked perfect & you were a stunning bride! Loving your blog!

    amanda @ we and serendipity