Sunday, February 3, 2013

So This is Christmas

Christmas is long gone over and I haven't posted in quite a while. However, I do have another unique story to tell about this holiday as well. Being our first Christmas as a married couple Cameron and I paid close attention to each others' wishes in hopes to make it a memorable one. We spent Christmas morning with the Ricks and enjoyed a magical morning with the in-laws and nieces and nephew. While we swooned over each gift and our wishes came true I was given a box by my sweet husband.

 It was a boot box, to disguise a gift I had been begging for for months. The coat of my dreams! I was so excited and grabbed Cam's face to give him the kiss of his dreams and went in with a little too much force.

The bloody nose didn't even take away from the excitement of the longed for coat. I was still as happy as can be and enjoyed the rest of Christmas morning with tissue up my nose. Our goal was accomplished. This Christmas was very memorable.

Let's try to keep the Christmas spirit going...