Saturday, November 29, 2014

Real Talk, Fall Edition

The fact of the matter is, I wish Cam and I were totally adorable and took Pinterest worthy photos that everyone would "ooooo" and "auuuuh" over. That every photographer would wanna give us free pictures or follow us around on our daily errands because we are so photogenic together. Truth is, we aren't that comfortable in front of the camera. We tried to copy a few Pinterest poses and couldn't stop laughing at how horrible they were turning out. So we stick to our staple poses that are easy and work--and a little photoshop never hurt no body.

Am I the only girl that secretly (now openly) wishes every photo she and her man took were stellar?

It's not happening over here.

Nevertheless, it's a good reminder that my love for my marriage runs deeper than social media worthy photos. I can't help but laugh at myself that this reminder is even surfacing. My marriage is so much more than "meets the eye" online. I hope its clear to everyone that usually the fun and rare moments get photographed and posted; not the day to day chores and tasks, serious chats, reminders to pay attention to how much I spend at the grocery store, wanting to look a certain way and not, wanting to buy that decor but refraining because I'm not making millions and so I can't shop like I am, or saying something out of hunger that I regret.

Truth be told, life isn't perfect but it is so so good the way it is. I love our less than perfect selfies because of the memories behind them. I love figuring out life with my sweetheart. I'm okay when things don't work as planned (sometimes) because of the opportunities it gives us to grow together. Life is real nice but I'm still thankful for hired photographers who can work photoshop.

Thank you LC Photography for doing a great job on our pics. You really helped out our lack of modeling skills. 

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