Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Showers

Before we left for Texas, I was scrambling to celebrate my different friends and their upcoming weddings, babies, etc. That is one of the bitter parts of this sweet job we have. One of the greatest friends I have been blessed with, McKenzie Palmer, is pregnant with a baby girl. SO EXCITING! She is going to be such a hot mom. So naturally we had to celebrate and spoil the little babe before the summer separated us.

Kenz and I met as random roommates halfway through my sophomore year of college. Funny thing about that... Before she moved in, we were pretty content with the current roommates that year at Belmont in Provo. When we caught word that we would be gaining a new roomie, we were not thrilled. We plotted a number of terrible things to sabotage this stranger's experience and make it "her choice" to choose an alternative living space...

Then Kenz walked through the door. You can't help but adore her within 10 seconds of knowing her and all plans were aborted without further discussion. From summer adventures, setting her up with her husband via Skype, Belmont living at its finest along side our boyfriends who turned into fianc├ęs, and bridesmaids at each other's weddings...I'd say McKenzie has turned into one my best friends.

{so excited for you to start your cute family girlfriend, love you dearly}

With the help of Shelby Tracy (her blog is awesome, check it out HERE), we put on a fun shower to pamper baby Palmer. 

We had a baby food testing game, not everyone's favorite, but I thought it was a hoot! Shelby brought the most darling memory matching game filled with baby words and a corresponding candy price for each match. Definitely a crowd fav! 

Once again, the invitation was made on Pixingo. I don't know how I would do these things without it. I create my card/invite online, they print, they address, they send it. Saves me so much time. I'm a big fan! 

- C E L E B R A T E -

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