Saturday, July 5, 2014

Made in the U.S.A

Last night Cameron reminded me about how we will look back on our memories of summer sales and the 4th of Julys spent around the country in our early years of marriage. We talked briefly about what we would reminisce on, and this list was short but sweet.

Simple celebrations because he had to work all day

Enjoying time spent with the people around us, friends, some family and co-workers

Usually small firework shows, this year it consisted of PopIts (and PopIts only)

Searching every store in a 20 mile radius to buy a fire pit to roast mallows, just to be reminded of how crazy we must be to want to ignite a fire pit in TEXAS in JULY! (we were missing Utah)
-We held a sweaty fire pit anyway-

BBQs starting at 10pm when the guys get home

The cops shutting our small, soda only, no fireworks BBQ down because the neighbors felt we were partying "too loud". 

Twinning wife outfits

A game of signs 'til the late night hours

And plenty of quick reminders of the beautiful freedoms we enjoy in this here America.

I am very thankful to live in this amazing country. I know I am blessed to have freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and so many others. Many of my current fellow Texans are passionate about their right to bare arms and my point is we can live with different interests and beliefs happily and together enjoy freedom in a whole. God bless America and yee-haw. 
(I'm currently listening to Brad Paisley in my Fort Worth apartment and feeling extra American.)



I'll share the big secret of where we found these awesome pants and I think you would be wise not wait 'til the last minute (like we all did) to get yours for next year- they were a STEAL! 

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