Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Heart Will Go On

For Christmas, Cameron scored serious points by making all my hopes and dreams come true. When I opened up the Celine Dion tickets he surprised me with, I may have shed a few happy tears, gave plenty of heart felt smooches, and instantly started counting down the days. February 22nd couldn't come soon enough!

You could say we "Drove All Night" and "The Power of Love" carried us through until we reached Caesar's Palace on Saturday night. I felt so "Alive" as we ("All by Myself") sang her songs for hours straight before the show. I about died of excitement on our way to the Colosseum and Cameron "Loved Me Back to Life." "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" as I write about that blessed night. Celine's wardrobe, orchestra, stage, and most of all her incredible voice and music was seriously amazing, "That's the Way It Is". The overall performance was, as my Mother-in-law warned me... almost as holy as General Conference.

I might be going overboard, thankfully Cameron was such a good sport and let me be as excited as I needed to be. I loved every minute of the show. Cameron definitely won husband of the year. "A New Day has Come" but "My Heart Will Go On".

-Sappy I know, but I thought it was creative-

In the excitement of getting to the theater, I left the good camera in the car... so bare with the iphone photos and the fact that I begged Cam to take a picture in front of every poster. 

(That Holy)

"I Got Nothin' Left"...

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