Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Letter to Our Future Children

To my Darlings,

You are not yet on Earth with us. I imagine you are running around in Heaven together, laughing at silly things your Dad and I do. Maybe you roll your eyes occasionally, grateful we can’t yet embarrass you. I hope we are living up to your hopes and dreams and are the kind of people worthy to someday have you in our home and lives. I promise to better keep this in mind, and prepare myself more for your grand entrance into this world, whenever that may be.

Today was your Dad’s birthday and I want to tell you about the person he is at now 26 years old. 

He graduated from BYU last year, but never stops learning. He loves to read and listen to books on audio.  I will try to spare you in your young years from the less exciting car rides, but I can’t make any promises, he really loves those books “on tape”. He has been working for a company called Vivint, doing sales and only gets better and better at it because he puts so much time and energy into improving his skills. I am sure your proud of his hard work, I definitely am.

I have great confidence in the Dad he will be someday because of the way he acts with others around him and me. He already talks about you as we make our goals. I can tell you he will love you to pieces and then some because of the nature of his soul.  He will be gentile in his words and never stop telling you how much he loves you. He will drench you with hugs and kisses as long as you let him. He will believe in you and cheer you on while you reach your goals. He is great at comforting too, when things don’t quite work out the way you hoped.

Your Dad makes me laugh every single day. He does this thing we like to call “Story Telling Eyes” that can make my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. I always tell him to “stop it” or “knock it off”, but secretly I’m extremely entertained and enjoy his playful performance. I’m sure that one will stick around forever. He also is a talented sing talker, taking any conversation and changing it into a song to lighten the mood, even mid sentence. I’m sure you will be woken up in the morning and put to bed with this hilarious concert many times throughout your lives. One thing you can count on is his dance moves. Doesn’t really matter where we are or what time it is, at any given moment he could bust a move. You can act embarrassed, but you can’t help but enjoy it. It’s pure talent really. He is quick-witted and a great storyteller. Basically there is always a form of entertainment with him around.

Your Dad treats me with respect. He has never used unkind words to hurt me. He is very loving in the way he speaks and acts. He will always want you to have what makes you happy, but in reason. He has a gift of not losing sight of the end goal, and can stand strong to not give up what we want most, for what we want now. I sometimes challenge him on it, but I shouldn’t. It will keep our family on a straight path to reach our greatest desires.

He has a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ that can touch you deep to your core, and he is always ready to share it. I want to be more like him and I am so grateful that you will have him as an example of unshakable faith. He will talk to you about the scriptures and gospel principals as easily as any other subject. It is his favorite topic. He not only talks about it well, but lives it even better.

We don’t always get along perfectly. We will disagree on the radio station to listen to, the travel time it’ll take to get to our destination, or other silly things, but I want to make you a promise. As long as your Dad follows our Savior and stays close to the spirit, which I know he will, I promise to support him. I will stand behind your Dad is all he does, because I know he is doing his best to make our family successful. Feel free to remind me of this promise anytime, I’m sure I’ll need it.

I love your Dad and I ALWAYS always will. Can’t wait to meet you someday. 

We love you already,

Your Future Mommy

PS Prepare for his adventurous spirit…


  1. Micah!! This is the cutest thing I have ever read in my whole life. You and Cam are going to be the best parents. I love you guys so so much! Thanks for always being the best example, the best advice giver, and one of my very best friends... both you and Cam Bam!! Happy Birthday to the best guy I know.

  2. This is so perfect. You almost made me cry! Love you.