Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lake Powell

What do students look forward to most come October? Some may say Halloween, but others will say FALL BREAK! Thanks to our dear friend Kory...
(debut on the right) we were invited to Fall Break 2012 Lake Powell. Cameron, going to BYU, had to skip out on school, but we weighed it out as well worth it. We made a few trips to the McDonalds in Page, AZ for the free wifi during the week to keep him caught up in his studies (See demonstration below) and it all turned out just peachy.

Some of the perks of Lake Powell trips are as follows:
1. No make-up the entire trip long
2. Calories don't count, therefore you can eat as many of the treats you would desire
3. New friends! Cam will tease that new friends = new FB/Instagram followers to "boost" your numbers.
4. A tan
5. No cell phone service (free from life's stresses)
6. Sleeping under the stars
7. A million laughs
8. Rap free-styling practice
9. Great tunes
10. Quality time w/o distractions with my babe (aka the Hubs)

I heard many times throughout the trip "MICAH!!! WATCH!!!" coming from Cameron's mouth. Especially when he was doing this...

What a babe :)

Cam and I decided at the end of the trip that we could spend anytime of year at Lake Powell because of the peacefulness and beauty. We felt seriously blessed that we can take these trips together to keep us sane with the craziness of life. We made a goal to create a life together that this can always be an option. That we can leave our stresses at home and be together and with our family or friends. As most young fun living people say these days...YOLO


  1. Looks like a great time!!! The picture of you guys in your sleeping bags on the back of the boat is the best, so cute.

  2. So cute Micah!! Those sunset pics are so cool. I miss you!!! We should double!

  3. Fun post! I wish I could have been there with y'all. I need a tan...bad!