Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh, To Love Winter

To love winter is a difficult thing to do sometimes. After some light online reading I have put together a few (10) reasons to help me embrace these next few months of chill here in Utah with a better attitude and more winter lovin'.

1. More reasons to cuddle
Obviously this is my first thought because I'll take any excuse to cozy up to my honey under a fuzzy blanket.

2. Beards
Not many things can bring a grin to your face like walking past a man with a lot of facial hair.

3. Witness more sunrises
The sun rises about 7 am on a winter morning giving more of us snoozers an opportunity to see such beauty.

4. Hot Chocolate
Not just hot chocolate, but hot chocolate with lots of mix-ins and plenty of vanilla steamers. Don't forget Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice, my mouth is watering typing this.

5. Carbs help you lose weight
Wouldn't that be nice? But they do put that nice warm layer of fat on you to help you enjoy the season.

6. Snow capped mountains
They make for the most beautiful drives and fun ski days and more excuses to drink hot chocolate.

7. Motivation
Nothing makes you feel better than a fresh start with new goals and a good reason to forget your failures from last year.

8. Seat warmers
Can't live without 'em.

9. More sports than you can ever image
Which means more social media and reading time than I could ever image.

10. Spring wouldn't be so sweet
Would the sweet smells of spring or the warmth of summer sound so good if it weren't for the winter opener?

Thanks to, Kiet, our photographer for these darling winter photos. He is so talented. Follow him on Instagram here!

Stay cozy my friends... 

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