Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tacos for Thanksgiving

So blogging, I have a love/hate relationship with you.

I enjoy it so much and find the journaling important for our future family. Lately finding the time or making the time to keep it up has been challenging. The pressure to post right after a big event is definitely palpable, and the discouragement when I don't is--discouraging? But that's not the point right? Blogging is about documenting thoughts and moments that are worth remembering. Therefore, forgive my strolls down memory lane the next bit and probably forever. Thanks. 

Thanksgiving this year was unique. We spent 10 days in Cabo with Cameron's family and it was too fun. If you like street tacos, sunshine, reading, and beaches, then I highly recommend you start searching for deals on flights (that's what we do) and head on down to Mexico as soon as possible. I am definitely missing the weather and relaxation. 

Some of our favorite moments from the trip:
  • Having the nieces and nephew to chase around and throw around in the pool
  • Eating tacos at the delicious Guacamayas on Thanksgiving, instead of a turkey and sweet potatoes
  • Playing sand softball in place of a turkey bowl
  • Convincing the massage place to make a home stop and giving everyone massages (including my 5 year old niece, Kate) on the back deck while listening to the waves crash on the beach
  • My first visit to Lovers Beach, hiking a treacherous rocky cliff (kinda) with a local who was a bit loco, just to find out we could have spared ourselves the bribery to park and intense hike and grazed the beautiful beaches on the North side. (but our way made for a better adventure)
  • Jumping contests on the beach
  • Game nights with the family when the kiddos went to bed. We learned quick who has lucky fingers and would be a wise partner in Vegas (and who would not... Mother-in-law).
  • Dancing to live music at the restaurants
  • Getting the birthday song more than enough times and a surprise breakfast in bed, planned by my sweet. 
  • And spending time with my hunk husband and laughing til our stomachs hurt late at night. 
Twas the Thanksgiving to remember. 

 {Sorry 4 the PDA, it's called Lover's Beach}

My cute sissy-in-law put together the funnest video of our trip. She also runs a darling blog. Check her out!

 Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the life my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. It isn't perfect but I have far far more to smile and be happy about, which helps the struggles to be forgotten. As my sweet Granny Goose would say, "Live life with an attitude of gratitude". I think you would agree that there is no better way to live.

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