Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liebster Award

My cute friend Katie who has a killer blog (read it HERE) and is the greatest writer ever, I seriously crack up at all her posts, did a kind thing and nominated me for the Liebster award. (Define Liebster, a German word meaning: Dearest, Beloved or Sweetheart). Thanks Katie! This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers and is a gateway to get your blog known. Katie, you’re a gem and I am honored to accept the award. I’d like to thank my husband for all his support and… just kidding. So here's how it works.

  • must list 11 things about yourself
  • answer 11 questions the nominee created for you 
  • choose 11 of your own favorite blogs to nominate 
  • create 11 questions for them (or use the previous questions)
  • let them know they've won

11 is a big number, Katie did 7, I feel pretty good about 5. Here goes it…

 About Myself.
1. I talk in my sleep. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty entertaining.
2. I ignore commercials until I hear a good indie beat in the background and I tend to turn my head towards the screen.
3. I love chocolate, anything.
4. There are times I speak unkind words out of hunger (aka: Hangry)
5. I'm not tall, but my husband is.

Questions from Katie.

1. If you could do anything and money was no matter what would you do?
One word: Travel

2. Favorite holiday
I love the hype before Christmas: lights, music, shopping, food, snow, I love it all!

3. What goals do you have for the next year?
Graduate from UVU, spend a stellar summer with my man for sales, go on a big long vaca during the fall when Cameron & I are no longer tied to a school schedule, learn a new skill.

4. What makes you happy?
LDS faith
(and Mr. Ricks said I have to add…)

5. Who is/are your biggest role model(s)?
Mom: she is super mom, always selfless
Dad: Hard worker, great example
Grandma: most positive, smiley, laughy and kind person on the planet.

My Nominees:

1.      Ashley
2.      Ana
3.      Kirsti
4.      Lisa
5.      Rebecca

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  1. Hey girlie! Thanks for nominating me! I am super excited! Love ya!