Saturday, November 24, 2012

Boston in the Fall

There is one word to describe Boston…charming. The city is full of delicious restaurants, beautiful trees, smart people (MIT, Boston University, Harvard), history, and great shopping. My sweet sister-in-law Julia let us stay in their apartment on MIT campus right on the Charles River and we found a great deal on flights, so we had to go. Hurricane Sandy gave us quite a scare considering our flight was leaving the day the hurricane was supposed to hit. After Cam checked our flights about every 15 minutes, we were good to go and arrived no problems.

Halloween couldn’t have been more enchanting. Beacon Hill took my breath away. It was so quaint and magical. The whole neighborhood decorates to the extreme and the residents dress up to pass out candy to the hundreds of little kids that flood the neighborhood to experience the magic. Cam and I had to stop the drool from coming out our mouths. SO SO CUTE!

Boston, in all its history, features the Freedom Trail across Boston. I’d have to say my patriotism went up about 8 notches walking across the city and learning so much. I love America.

More fun memories followed with Fenway Park, shopping, awesome food, more history and visiting the schools of our future genius children. Boston in the fall was a success. 


  1. Looks like you two cuties had fun!! I love Boston

  2. So gorgeous! You guys should come and visit us when we move to Virginia!