Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Smoothie

Cameron and I had a new and unexpected experience with Thanksgiving leftovers this season. This is a little delayed, I know, but it took a while to decide if it was something the public should know. After a a long day at school the Monday following Thanksgiving, Cameron and I b-lined it over to the in-laws to feed on delicious leftovers we knew were awaiting our arrival. We opened the fridge to find a huge zip-lock bag of what appeared to be the leftover turkey and stuffing. 

Frantically we warmed up the food and began to snarf. To our surprise we found rolls, cranberries, green beans and any other thanksgiving goodness you might find on the table the day of the feast. We were rather pleased by the concoction and continued to eat up. 

A few days later we were talking to my mother-in-law Connie and told her what a great idea it was to mix all the food together in a bag and how tasty the "Thanksgiving Smoothie" was and asked if she had any more. When she realized what we were talking about she let out a roar of laughter. She couldn't get a word out she was so hysterical. When she finally did, she told us the news...

Thanksgiving Smoothie was all of the leftovers from everyone's plate, scrapped into a bag...
For. The. Dog!

Bon appetit,
                 The Ricks


  1. Oh noooo!!! That is funny, although I do feel bad for you guys. I hope you see the humour in it. Gorgeous blog by the way. I'm so pleased to have stumbled across it.
    Bella xx

  2. I just happened across your blog and laughed so hard at this story. It served as a perfect pick-me-up. I had to interrupt my husband watching top gear to read it to him! Thanks for sharing.